What is Loyalty?

Loyalty has the meaning of a commitment to a person, a brand, a way of life, or a company and has a significant impact on its strong sense. Our expertise in loyalty is the loyalty and commitment of employees, customers, dealers to brands and companies ..


Loyalty programs


Loyalty programs that have evolution along with digital innovations and developing technology are the most valuable keys of loyalty!


Loyalty programs for end-users, dealers and employees help companies to understand better their target group, learn about their needs and expectations, motivate and reward them.


In today’s world as the competition is very high, the loyalty programs are the indispensable for the companies in the world to lead companies and brands to success and the goals they aim for. Loyalty programs catch an important interaction in a short time in case of implementing in the right way, the loyalty applications at the right time, at the right time, and at the right target group.While it is revolutionizing by using digital developments it is also tring to capture the target group, the end user or the dealers emotionally, thus increasing the loyalty rate.


Loyalty programs, which have a great impact on consumers’ choice of brand, are so favored by consumers as to how powerful and useful they are. Emotional loyalty, with personalized goals, changes the rules of the game.


We see this situation in loyalty and appreciation programs that increase employee loyalty, internal communication and motivation, in loyalty programs that are offered to increase sales, satisfaction and loyalty, and also in special loyalty projects for dealers.It is very important to offer a positive value, benefit and differentiate it from the competitors, offer prizes to be chosen by individuals and to create experiences in loyalty programs as we have mentioned before.


Of course, everyone likes to receive gifts and to be rewarded however the more accurate the rewarding loyalty program is, the longer the commitment is achieved. For this reason, when they want to use the points they earn, they encounter a choice of high quality products, seeing a rich product group, finding different travel and experiences leave a positive perception in the target group.


As Biggloyalty, based on the loyalty programs we offer to our customers, dealers, agents and employees, we can provide loyalty projects to meet the needs of companies, provide consultancy, provide software support and infrastructure services including the reporting and analysis panel, use the power of mobile and we can create special opportunities and advantages for your company by offer ing more than 25.000 gift options in more than 30 main categories

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