Campaign Management

Campaign Management


Campaign management allows to create campaigns based on product, customer, score or specific time interval and finds itself an important place in the marketing activities of companies.


Biggclub campaign management creates an ideal environment to increase the performances and motivations of the dealers, also allows the agencies and dealers to be rewarded over their productivity.


Each campaign can be created, managed and controlled in real-time by campaign management which interacts brands and dealers together to know each other very well while making sales and revenue up.


It can cover the whole country, or it can be organized on a specific region basis, giving companies an advantage in terms of achieving competitive advantage.


The Biggclub campaign management module, which is used to highlight the products with less sales, launch new products, increase the number of customers, increase sales, motivate the dealers, increase the market share, offers many advantages to the dealers with the advantages of rewarding or getting the products at a better price.


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