Rewarding in the Loyalty Programs

Rewarding, which is an essential part of the loyalty programs and which can be included into applications in various forms, provides advantage in many ways by creating motivation on the audience for whom loyalty wants to be created. Rewarding, being a significant tool to reach the goals, increases the loyalty of the end users’, employees’, […]
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Benefits of Loyalty

Loyalty programs are one of the most important supporters behind successful companies for employees, end-users, customers, dealers and agencies to carry out them with the advantages of loyalty. Loyalty programs that continue to evolve day by day and adapt to the innovations brought by the digital world must establish integrity with mobile applications, use data […]
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Customer Loyalty Program

What is a Customer Loyalty Program? Customer loyalty, one of the most important assets of all companies and is the dream of every small big company! The customer loyalty program, which has many benefits for both customers and the companies, aims to increase the level of loyalty and loyalty of customers with the advantages, discounts, […]
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What is Loyalty?

Loyalty has the meaning of a commitment to a person, a brand, a way of life, or a company and has a significant impact on its strong sense. Our expertise in loyalty is the loyalty and commitment of employees, customers, dealers to brands and companies .. Loyalty programs that have evolution along with digital innovations […]
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Campaign Management

Campaign management allows to create campaigns based on product, customer, score or specific time interval and finds itself an important place in the marketing activities of companies. Biggclub campaign management creates an ideal environment to increase the performances and motivations of the dealers, also allows the agencies and dealers to be rewarded over their productivity. […]
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