Rewarding Strategies for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, non-cash and non-cash prizes are seen to increase employees’ performance by 46% compared to money! When the companies in the automotive sector have a successful dealer network then  a large proportion of automotive sales share this success and this section is highly trusted. For this reason the brands in the automotive […]
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What is Loyalty?

Loyalty has the meaning of a commitment to a person, a brand, a way of life, or a company and has a significant impact on its strong sense. Our expertise in loyalty is the loyalty and commitment of employees, customers, dealers to brands and companies .. Loyalty programs that have evolution along with digital innovations […]
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Employee Loyalty

Happy, motivated and committed employees will continue to add value to your business as well as outside the company, as they are both more loyal and more productive! Employee loyalty, which has a major role in the success of companies, is directly related to employee satisfaction and employee productivity increases or decreases according to these […]
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How to Establish a Feedback Culture?

The feedback culture is an important part of employee engagement and motivation, which also reduces the rate of employee redundancies and looking for new job opportunities of the employees outside. Employees want to receive feedback in real time and have this culture in their companies. The culture of feedback for the millennium generation in working […]
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Long Term Loyalty

Long Term Loyalty       Long term loyalty which should be included to the marketing strategies in order the brand to have loyal customers and dealers, focuses on the commitment and profitability it can gain in the long term rather than the profit gained in the short run. Since a sustainable loyalty and stability […]
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Mobile Loyalty Applications

Mobile Loyalty Applications       The technological developments that surround us more day by day and the mobile devices evolve the marketing activities without any doubt and it causes the brands to give more weight on specific subjects such as mobile loyalty applications. When a loyalty program has been made on the smart devices […]
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Benefits of Loyalty

Loyalty programs are one of the most important supporters behind successful companies for employees, end-users, customers, dealers and agencies to carry out them with the advantages of loyalty.   Loyalty programs that continue to evolve day by day and adapt to the innovations brought by the digital world must establish integrity with mobile applications, use […]
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Digital Hr Summit Amsterdam

  We will participate to Digital HR Summit 2019 with Biggstars, Biggloyalty Global’s Employee Appreciation and Social Rewarding platform, which will be held in Amsterdam on April 2-3 with more than 150 HR Professional participants. We will meet the leaders of the HR sector through our Biggstars stand at Mercure Hotel.
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Loyalty Programs Being essential to big and successful companies, loyalty  are becoming the strongest supports of the brands by showing their effects lately. The longer the companies execute a loyalty  the more accurate data they have, and this helps to make a loyalty activity special to the target audience. With Big Data, the companies that gain […]
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Flexible Side Benefits Increasing Employee Motivation

As a result of increased competition, differentiated expectations and world order changes, each firm should give full attention to flexible side rights to be the preffered company by the employees. The flexible side benefits that enable employees to make their own choices in line with their needs, increase the loyalty of employees to the company […]
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