Biggloyalty has a logistics center as 10.000 m² in Kartal, Samandıra to serve logistics and storage needs of all its corporate customers. Biggloyalty has brought together logistics warehouses from different locations in 2008 and opened its own center. In order to provide better and faster service to its customers in Europe and MENA regions, it also founded logistics centers in Dubai and the Netherlands.

Overseas Centers

Biggloyalty is shipping to more than 95 worlwide countries with its Dubai logistics centre in CommerCity and Netherlands logisctics centre in Amsterdam Hoofddorp.

In these logistic centers products are stored and stocked like the products in Turkey.


Biggloyalty-EU and Biggloyalty-MENA by supporting loyalty and reward points projects with its rich product variety, also provides services to valuable members and customers abroad.


Security and Service

It provides security service with closed-circuit camera system, 100-ton fire extinguishing and alarm system, smoke detectors, insured product storage service.


There are; parcel and packaging controls of the products & weight checking process when necessary, detailed good acceptance service and barcoding or labelling service.


Inventory follow-up, reporting and refund management are monitored simultaneously with stocks and customer-specific inventory tracking can be done online when requested by the customer.



Stock and Shipment Process

Order refund management is done with stock tracking module and with high capacity printers that has the ability, speciality to shed the orders quickly to the printer.


There is a branch of cargo company located within the warehouse so it is possible to make high quantity shipments quickly and easily. Major supplies are supplied if requested:

  • Parcel and  packing tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Thank you card
  • Warning Label

Storage Service

After the products are taken to Biggloyalty warehouses, they are handled here specially, gift packages are prepared with great grace, they are packed with special wrapping paper and a thank you card is added for the customers.


Our experienced logistics team makes the products ready for shipment by dividing the demands into multiple orders or grouping multiple products on a single basis.