Global Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform

The Biggstars Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform, increases employee motivation and productivity by rewarding employees in an intranet social environment, enhances internal communication and creates a culture of appreciation through web and mobile based applications by leveraging corporate values.

Appreciation Culture

This is the application that facilitates performance management and provides the managers to monitor the employee performances within the framework of the company values and provides successful employees to be appreciated on the platform and give points to them within the company budgets.


The system is of course successful when only Human Resources and the management appreciate the employees and teams in the appropriate manner of corporate culture however it is observed that the motivation increases more when the appreciation comes from employee colleagues.



For this reason, by composing employee appreciation and social rewarding platforms, companies should not limit appreciation platforms in subordinate relations but needs to create a democratic and fair environment.



Increase the Communication in the Company

Biggstars also allowed colleagues to send greetings and thanks to each other; it does not limit the platform based on subodinate-relations and this helps to increase employee motivation.

Employees appreciate team members or colleagues who support them from other departmants within the organization, this strengthening team spirit and increasing social interaction.

The Biggstars Employee Appreciation and Social Rewarding platform, which enhances communication within the company, creates a culture of appreciation, provides feedback on needs, and raises working standards; With its mobile and web-enabled applications, it creates a functional system that employees and administrators can access anywhere, anytime.

Organizational Culture

You should internalize company principles with social interaction by activating them together so that effective working environments exist within the company.

One of the important ways to create a happy working environment by motivating your team and colleagues in the apropriate form of the culture and values of the organization is to make them respect company values and to make them feel that you trust them.

You can reinforce the following aspects of your employees through employee appreciation and social rewarding, which helps create corporate culture

  • Diligence
  • Teamplayer
  • Result oriented
  • Leadership
  • Customer Focused
  • Creativity

Social Interaction

With the help of social interaction and appreciation, it is very easy to gain the trust of employees, to increase their skills and to increase their motivation!

Biggstars ensuring the following values by creating a dynamic system where employees can share positive views and engage in social interaction.


  • Increased work efficiency and interaction
  • Creating sales opportunities
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Being aware of the latest developments within the organization


All data traded on the Biggstars employee appreciation and reward platform are brought to the attention of HR through the reporting modüle and monitoring employee performances from a single point greatly simplifies the work of human resources

With this platform, you can observe all employees, easily access person, team and company-based reports via the management panel, and you can get specific infographic-supported reports and results with solutions for company policies through solutions for company policies. Main Reports:



  • Big Data Report
  • Activity Report
  • User Status Report
  • Management Report
  • Point Reward Report
  • User Leader Report

Preference of Global Companies

The software has multiple language options and it was constructed to apply to companies in the world so that it provides services not only the companies in Turkey but also provides services to the world.


Biggstars has a functional system that employees and managers can access everywhere, is integrated into the Biggrewards reward point expense portal and company employees can spend their Biggpuan here.


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