Big Conferance from Sanal Magaza, Sector Leader in Loyalty Programs

Sanal Magaza Loyalty and Reward Points Applications Conference was held at Hilton Bomonti Hotel with over 400 participations.


Customer Loyalty Programs which is traditionally organised every year by Sanal Magaza, Turkey's leading company in Customer Loyalty Programs, held this year with a large group of participation from big companies such as Türk Hava Yolları, Samsung, Legrand, Eczacıbaşı ve Turkcell.


The conferance held on 20 September 2017 in Hilton Bomonti Hotel has a very rich content with the following topics; current Reward Point Applications in Turkey and in the world, Global LOYALTY services given by Sanal Magaza and its group companies, application of new technologies, new launces like BIGGSTARS Employeee Appreciation and Social Rewarding applications and case studies of Sanal Magaza customers.


The conference ended with a barbecue party in the open garden and received full marks from the guests as usual.