• Loyalty Programmes

    Loyalty programmes and reward poInts for customers, employees, dealers and agents

  • Find your stars and reward them!

    SocIal InteractIos and rewardIng platform for the company.

  • Increase Your Sales with Biggclub

    The applIcatIon that enhances performance and efficIency brIngs together loyalty club members wIth the specIal campaIgn and reward system for dealers.

  • The Power of Mobile!

    MobIle rewardIng platform BIggymobIl offers a pleasant shoppIng experIence wIth Its rIch product range.

  • Online Rewards and Advantages World

    850+ Brand and 25,000 dIfferent products ,dIgItal gIft checks and very specIal travel and experIence packages to choose from.


Biggloyalty Global Rewards

Biggloyalty FZCO, provides on-premises stocks and order tracking services integrated with all rewards portals and e-commerce markets thanks to the vast and in-depth experience from Loyalty projects and the expertise of the software team. All loyalty and reward points projects are supported with a rich product variety.


BiggLoyalty FZCO, is located in Dubai Commercity, 11 17 Street, with a 100 sq mt and a 1.000 sq mt warehouse/logistics facility. Our Dubai based company has started to serve 15 countries in the GCC, Middle East, North Africa and Levant regions. BiggLoyalty FZCO also keeps stocks of 30+ well known Made in Turkey branded product in their new Dubai Commercity Logistics & Fulfillment Center. Recently reaching 3.000+ SKU’ s BiggLoyalty is increasing their product variety by the day.


Global Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform

Global Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform

The Biggstars Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform, increases employee motivation and productivity by rewarding employees in an intranet social environment, enhances internal communication and creates a culture of appreciation through web and mobile based applications by leveraging corporate values.


Reward Your Stars

The application, which facilitates performance management and enables managers to monitor employee performances within the framework of company values, allows succesful employees who achieved their goals;


  • To be appreciated on the platform
  • Given points within the company budgets
  • And to be rewarded.
Dealer Rewards and Campaign Management Programme

Biggclub application is a rewarding, campaign and content management application aimed at increasing the loyalty and sales performance of dealers and agencies. With the Biggclub application, the dealers, agents and registered sales points are not only able to make purchases, but also earn points as a result of the actions they have taken.


Dealers earn points when they are participating in training, answering questions, displaying or arranging the requested products. Biggclub also has a campaign management module, allows campaign creation according to the given parameters.


Increase Your Sales with Biggclub

Single Platform Management


Software that you can access to club content and campaigns through a single main entrance.


It provides:

Create different campaigns according to different parameters. To manage content with social interaction.


How to Earn Points?


  • Answer surveys, earn points.
  • Watch the video, answer questions, earn points.
  • Share photos, earn points.
  • Earn points after training or by answering frequently asked questions


The Richest Reward Portal of the World

Integrating with the software of loyalty programs for end-users, dealers and employees, Biggrewards brings a fresh air to rewarding by over 850 brands and more than 25,000 products in 30 main categories.


Turkey's the richest reward points application Biggrewards meet all the expectations of customers and companies who wishes to meet with outstanding quality and selection of products, to find various product groups, to see different travel and experience sections in loyalty programs.

Customer Loyalty For End Users
This mobile rewarding platform that enables end-users to collect points while buying their products, gain various advantages and spend points earned not only at the point of sale but also in the award portal Biggrewards.

How to Use?

You can choose the products of prestigious brands in mobile or web environment. In case of not having enough points, you pay the difference by credit card or you can pay the total amount by your credit card without spending any of your points.


Integration with Sales Points

Members earn points from all program partners when they purchase a specific brand from the point of sale.


Photograph Shopping Receipt & Win

It does not require POS integration. Shoppers take photographs of the receipt and win rewards.


Can I Order From Catalog?

After reviewing the brands and products in the catalog, take note of what you like and you will be able to visit www.biggrewards.com or the Biggy application for the products you choose to place an order.


Whats is Biggymobil?

Biggrewards and Biggy members earn points when they shop with their points, shop on Biggrewards partners and also shop on www.biggrewards.com and on Biggy applications with money.


Spending Points

Biggrewards members who have points can order products via www.biggrewards.com or Biggy applications with their earnt points.


Easy Usage

All users have the freedom to spend their points on the rewarding platform www.biggrewards.com or points + credit cards. You can contact us for more information: info@biggymobil.com.






Some of Our References


Superior Technology


Aristo, creating its own proprietary software programmes, offers unique and effective solutions to the loyalty world.


  • In this context, online reward portals, online shopping softwares and loyalty club portals stand out to be unique solutions. Moreover, client specific social media applications unite particular members to attain stickiness for a better loyalty retention.
  • Aristo creates the entire loyalty mechanisms of reward portals and campaigns and is also responsible for establishing the POINT BANK systems with earn and burn features, order tracking and reporting modules in acoordance with the needs and requirements of its clients.
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