CEO's Message


Biggplus Holding is Global Now!

A story on how to set a goal and succeed it


When we first start out in 1999, we said that we should produce permanent projects taking technology in our centre and we should leave good works and successful companies behind us.


Our goals and dreams have always been great. For this reason, we started our first projects under the name of BIGG with 2 ‘G’. As the years passed, we have added so many important additions, new products and values to our projects & structures and we decided to call /name our group as Biggplus. And of course, we did not get out from our mind the meaning of ‘Time is a river of no return’ We always give importance to use our time carefully and to be quick.


As Biggplus Holding since 1999, we have been providing loyalty and reward points services for our corporate customers in sales and marketing fields.


Our company in the loyalty field is also the flagship of our group Biggloyalty, is the only and the largest company serving to 95 countries according to global criteria in Turkey. With our 150 colleagues together, we give our services for Middle East Region from our Dubai office, for Europe from our Amsterdam office and for Turkey from our 1,200 m² Kavacık center office and from our 10,000 m² logistics centre Kartal Samandıra. Among our valuable customers, there are Turkey’s and world’s leading companies such as Turkish Airlines, Hürriyet, General Electric, Samsung, Kordsa, Siemens, Coca Cola, Turkcell, Mutlu Akü, Philip Morris.


Our On-Net company also provides service of promotional and merchandise products from all over the world.


Aristo, our IT group company, is constantly following new trends and following developing technology as a software company serving our group companies.


In addition to traditional applications, Biggplus Holding also offers online, mobile and social media loyalty programs, to continue adding value to our lifes and it aims to run new successes with our team and of course with our valuable customers.


With my warmest regards