Rewards Portal Site

We help you to find suitable gifts considering your budget for your target audience with reward points sites created specifically for employees, dealers or end users. Reward points sites that match the goals of companies motivate the target audience and therefore increase the level of loyalty.

Since motivation, loyalty and rewarding are topics that must be evaluated together, reward point projects should be carefully prepared and maintained so that the desired results and objectives can be reached in a short time.

In Reward Points sites, we meet all the needs of the companies and customers who want to meet with outstanding and high quality product options, to find a rich product groups and to see different travel and experience sections.

In order to create a platform where users can access anywhere with both mobile and web-based sites and applications; members are able to shop using points or points + credit card.

Reward for All Taste

Biggrewards Reward Points site, which has a rich collection selection in 30 main categories, over 850 brands and more than 25,000 products, can be customized based on company demands, expectations, target audience and budget.

The award points site, which brings together the world's most prestigious global and local brands; provides many different categories from technological tools to outdoor products, from hours to telephones, from digital gift vouchers to travel accessories, from cosmetics to electronic products.


Memorable Experiences

We are following the researches that proves experience is a very effective way of rewarding and we are working to fill this part of our award points site with wide and different alternatives as much as possible.

Do you want to speed up around the track with a Formula 1 car, go on vacation in Bali, take gourmet lessons or go to the El Classico game? We can prepare the most appropriate travel and experience section for your target audience together with Biggloyalty's travel and experience company, Biggtravel.


Design Collections

Biggloyalty brings colors to award sites with custom production design collections that you won't find anywhere, also allows you to customize these designs to your brand.


Digital Gift Cheques

Biggloyalty carries digital gift cheques apart from physical merchandise items in its reward collection.
Programme members can redeem their points on these gift cheuqes by reputable Turkish and International brands and use them on their stores.

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