Logistics and Warehouse

Sanal Magaza Logistics department, with its 10.000 M2 indoor capacity with 7 meters of height, situated in Kartal Samandıra Istanbul, serves to all of Sanal Magaza‘s Corporate Key accounts for their logistics needs.

There work 20 Sanal Magaza logistics employees in the warehouse, in additon to 10 personnel at the Cargo department. Sanal Magaza Logistics warehouse storage area is equipped with medium and lightweight load shelves and separated for each one of the key accounts. We have 6 truck ramps that function simultaneously for loading and unloading and 2 cargo lifts of 2 tons each.

Logistics Services

The following services are given at the Sanal Mağaza Logistics warehouse :
- ERP utilized stock management
- Barcode Based Stock Management
- Location Based Stock Management
- Dispatch Paper Creation
- Handling
- Special Packaging
- Archiving
- Delivery Services
- Special Delivery Organizations

Special Packaging

At Sanal Mağaza Logistics warehouse all goods are received with utmost care and process to be stored on the shelves. Package and wrapping is checked carefully by our experienced personnel, accompanied by barcoding and labeling, so that there ‘ d be no misdeliveries.
Customised Wrapping Material for each project
Sanal Mağaza Logistics use special wrapping material and they are :
- Boxes
- Package Tapes
- Thank Your Cards
- Warning Stickers

Cargo Courier Company located within the warehouse

Since the cargo company is situated within the Sanal Magaza warehouse, high number of orders are easily and timely handled and sent out from the warehouse. Sanal Magaza Stock Tracing System enables stocks to be traced simultaneously on an online platform. Orders are immeditely turned into dispatch papers by high capacity printers.

Sanal Mağaza Logistics warehouse is fully insured and being guarded 24 hours by a Special Security firm.
- 7/24 security service by special security firm
- Closed circuit alarm system
- Fire Fighting System of 100 tons in the warehouse
- Emergency Fire Exits, Emerceny Exit guidance signs, Emergency Exit stairs
- Minimum 50 kgs of fire fighting tubes at various places in warehouse
Adress : Veysel Karani Mah. Zaloğlu Rüstem Cad. No:5 Samandıra / İstanbul / TURKEY
Tel : +90 (216) 419 22 49
Fax : +90 (216) 496 32 10

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