Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty is the sweetest of all rewards and Sanal Magaza is the Master of LOYALTY in Turkey.

We help you acquire, recognise, retain and reward your customers. Offering dynamic technologies of realtime online reward portals, social media integrated engagement loyalty, affinity group private shopping stores, etc. we design, create and operate reward programs that all drive customer loyalty for you. Our Loyalty schemes concentrate on Customer Loyalty Programmes ( Targeting end users ), Business Partner Rewards ( For Distributors and Agencies ) and Employee Recognition Programmes ( For corporate employees )


SanalMağaza provides turnkey "Product Supply Chain Management" services offering a very wide range of rewards to its clients via Offline Catalogues and Online Reward Portals.

Biggstars Employee Recognition Programme

When was the last time anyone told you “ you did good job ” and how did you feel upon it ? Good, right ? And then, what did you want to do afterwards?

Employees receiving strong recognition are much more likely to have increased efficiency at work and generate productive results.

Biggstars Employee Recognition Programme is a tool to convey your company values to your employees and build a bridge between managers and employees in terms of engagement. The programme makes it easier for you to track your employees ‘ success, performance and encourage them for better productivity with novelties.

For more please contact us : info@sanalmagazakurumsal.com

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Sanal Mağaza works with the renown brands and companies of the world in order to supply its LOYALTY programmes with a wide range of rewards. Amongst them are : Philips, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Logitech, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Casper, Exper, Lexmark, Canon, Garmin, Baymak, Siemens, Bosch, Vestel, Beko, Braun, Tefal, Moulinex, Arzum, Delonghi, Korkmaz, Chicco, Intertoy, Panasonic,etc.


In On-net we exclusively represent famous brands of the world , so that we can offer high perception rewards to our clients. Our BIGG + group company represents the following famous brands in Turkey.

Mobile Loyalty

Sanal Mağaza presents Mobile LOYALTY services to its clients, a replica of the Web Reward Portals for each corporate clients. Participants can gain and redeem points via SMS just as they do the same online at the Reward portals.

Travel & Experiences

Motivational Travel & Special Experiences
Special experiences that create unique memories !.
Are you thinking about a way to motivate your employees? To reward your loyal business partners ? To support existing sales agents and find new ones ?
Please take a look at some of the special experience products provided by Biggtravel, our sister company.
• Custom-design programmes
• Selected Luxury Hotels
• Life time Experiences
• Special Gourmand Restaurants
• Special Beauty & Spa Services
• Special Airport Transfers and Greeting Services
• Mind Bubbling & Experiences



The sustains power of every company is, enthusiastic employees that are connected to the business.
Let motivate your employees.

BIGGSTARS is the Global Employee Incentive and Social Recognition Platform developed by SANAL MAĞAZA, targeting HUMAN RESOURCES departments of Corporations for engaging their EMPLOYEES on a platform where participants THANK and CONGRATULATE one another and Managers REWARD them for achievements made in accordance with COMPANY VALUES.

Yöneticiler çalışanlarının performanslarını önceden set edilmiş şirket değerleri ve parametreleri üzerinden takip eder, hedefi tutturarak başarılı olanları takdir eder ve ödüllendirirler. Çoklu dil seçeneğine sahip bu yazılım hem Türkiye ‘ de hem de Dünyadaki firmalara özelleştirilmiş hizmet vermek üzere hazırlanmıştır.

  1. Point Gain Module

  2. Point Calculation Module ( Point Bank )

  3. Reporting Module

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